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Benefits and Uses

The benefits of modern BI platforms are the enabling of fast time-to-insight, the ability to change and evolve at the speed of business, and the ability to use information as a strategic competitive advantage.

The innovation that comes with an agile and iterative modern BI platform delivers the necessary building blocks to increase analytic maturity and derive value from data. This allows organizations to gain new, previously undiscovered insights with which to improve decision making. It also creates opportunities for differentiation and new revenue streams as new insights are packaged and extended to customers, partners and suppliers.

Adoption Rate

We are past the point where demand for modern BI platforms, driven by the requirement to make analytics pervasive without causing chaos, has become mainstream across all industries, business domains and company sizes.


BI leaders that fail to adopt modern platforms will be unable to respond to the faster pace of business and to users' voracious appetite for fast insights from more data sources than ever before. A traditional centralized and rigidly IT-centric approach cannot meet these new, time-sensitive requirements.

But despite the obvious benefits of BI platform modernization, organizations must assess the potential drawbacks of a shift to a modern BI platform. These include:

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