SharePoint Solutions

Savitas is an expert in SharePoint solutions.

Savitas has developed many different systems that used SharePoint as a central portal for information access and distribution.

Savitas used SharePoint as a platform for collecting and sharing information on the New York City Rapid Repairs Project.

The NYCRRP SharePoint based solution processed nearly a half billion dollars of transactions for repair work done on 18,000 homes in the 5 boroughs of NYC.

The NYCRRP SharePoint based solution also managed all of the documents for the work orders associated with each home that had repair work done. A SQL Server Report was written that read the database status, and created cover pages for each work order needing documents. These cover pages could be printed and used as separator pages when sent to be processed. The processing of the documents used zonal Optical Character Recognition to read indexing information from the cover page, and then output that index information to SharePoint where a systems integration read the index data and updated the database, removing processed files from the SQL Server Reporting Services report.

Jamieson also used SharePoint as the platform for his project done for Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), where he developed a workflow automation solution to automate the employee training approval process for 2000 employees. This solution was prevented to the Pennsylvania Governors Innovation Office, and it was discussed to roll this solution out to all 17 Pennsylvania Government Departments

Jamieson also developed a telework request and approval portal for DCNR workers, and a time reporting solution for remote teleworkers.

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